Dry Touch Mini Pods

Softbums Dry Touch Mini Pods


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SoftBums Mini Pods add aborbency to your Echo or Omni system when you need it! Mini Pods are small and super absorbent and are made to work with one-size-fits-all Pods to add absorbency or by themselves for newborns.

DryTouch Mini Pods are composed of 3 layers of absorbent microfiber terry and topped with a super soft layer of microfleece to provide comfort and a dry feel for your baby! Lay them in your Echo Shell or stuff them in your Omni with a Pod to increase absorbency for heavy wetters or overnight use. You can put them on top or beneath the Pod. You can also use them alone with an Echo or Omni Shell for newborns for a super trim fit while still providing comfort and a dry feel along with plenty of absorbency for any newborn!